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by: Matthew E. Morgan
Paperback; 376 pages

Shadowlight is a fiction novel by Matthew E. Morgan, following Jonah Matthews, a deaf college student, who is unwittingly thrown into a supernatural war.

Also available on Kindle.

Product Description

ShadowLight follows a college student who is working to overcome his lifelong deafness. Jonah Matthews had been accepted into college, reconciled with his brother, and found a great new girlfriend. His biggest worry was passing a class. Then all that changed. Thrust into the shadows of his world, Jonah found himself in the middle of a trans-millennial battle fought between those seeking to dominate life and those dedicated to protecting it. Jonah must learn to trust his new friends, use a blazing sword and find his talent to stop the narcissistic Angel, protect his brother and rescue his girlfriend. If Jonah loses this fight, he gives Angel a foothold in the town and provides her the technology to eradicate her foes. Winning might cost Jonah his life.

ShadowLight was written to reach young adults who are looking for wholesome yet dramatic fiction, but has found a home with adult readers as well. It does involve battle violence and has some strong emotional moments and may not be appropriate for younger readers. ShadowLight is free of questionable language, with the idea that parents and their teens will both appreciate the novel.

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