141 Days: Bike for Christ


by: Michael T. Baker with Matthew E. Morgan
Paperback; 286 Pages

141 Days: Bike for Christ is a joint venture with Michael Baker, a 24-year old handyman who built his faith by bicycling from Ohio to California on $300, a bike, and a great deal of trust.

Also available on Kindle

Product Description

24 year old handyman, Michael T. Baker, wanted to do something big with his faith in Christ. He bought a touring bicycle, and with $300 to his name, set out to ride across the country in order to build his faith and the faith of others. Along the way, he met new friends, faced life-threatening danger, and experienced miracle after miracle that carried him along his journey.

141 Days: Bike for Christ is appropriate for all ages from pre-teen to adults. There are some tense moments during his bicycle ride, but contains no sex, violence, or vulgar language.


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