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Fiction Writer

Matthew E. Morgan is the author of ShadowLight, and Only Two Came Back – a speculative fiction novel, and a literary novella – as well a number of other short stories designed to entertain and inspire

Non-Fiction Writer

Matthew has also collaborated on a non-fiction documentary with Michael T. Baker – 141 DaysBike for Christ – where he follows a young man on a cross-country trek to build his faith.


Public Speaker

Having been a youth pastor, a teacher, a preacher, and even a stand-up comedian (thankfully for all – briefly), Matthew loves to entertain, inform, and inspire (enterformspiration?) audiences young and old.

Mental Health Counselor

Matthew’s profession is a mental health counselor where he can work with individuals and families and help them move their way to mental wellness.


Quick Bio

Matthew E. Morgan is an author and writer whose works are as varied as his interests. He’s a mental health counselor by trade, a husband by choice, a father by a miracle, and a Child of God by grace. He grew up in central Ohio, earned a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries (with a minor in youth ministry) from Trinity Bible College, earned a Masters in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, and is still part of the central Ohio community. Matthew believes that everyone has a story to tell – many of which are still being written today. .

My Story

I grew up with books as my friends. My grandmother would send me anything she thought I might like. I remember reading everything I could – culminating in holding the encyclopedia against the shag carpeting so I could catch the light under the door and read (my lamp had been taken away after I accidentally fell asleep and caught the mattress on fire. It didn’t take long for me to start writing my own stories. I attended the Young Authors’ conference in Elementary School. I journaled through middle school. My freshman year, my English teacher and his aide continued to inspire me to write onward.

Through this time, I immensely enjoyed vampire fiction (Anne Rice) and began to write my own vampire novel. I completed the first draft and thought I was on top of the world. And then I read it … and hated it. But instead of scrapping the project, it became the skeleton for ShadowLight. And the best part is that it only took 13 years.

As I started working on the sequel, hoping that it would take less than 13 years, I came into a “chance” meeting with Michael T. Baker, who had just completed a cross-country bicycle trek and spoke about it to the school at which I taught. We quickly realized that with my words and his adventure, we had the makings of an incredible opportunity. And thus 141 Days was born.

I am continuing to write (yes, ShadowLight‘s sequel is still in progress – as are a number of other novels that I just can’t seem to get polished enough for my tastes), but I’m also progressing on my mental health studies and hope to be able to release a book in the vein sometime soon. Thanks for walking with me a bit down memory lane. I hope you have a chance to peruse my works and that they lift your spirit. God bless you..

Matthew E. Morgan

Matthew E. Morgan

Author / Storyteller

Matthew E. Morgan is a mental health counselor by trade, a husband by choice, a father by a miracle, and a Child of God by grace.