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About Matthew E. Morgan, Author, Storyteller

Matthew E. Morgan, Author, Storyteller

Author Matthew E. Morgan is a storyteller from central Ohio, a mental health therapist by trade, a husband of almost 20 years to Martha and a parent to their surprise son for considerably less time that that. Matthew tries to create writing that is both inspiring and entertaining – whether in the fiction or non-fiction realm. He is the author of a speculative fiction novel, ShadowLight; a non-fiction documentary, 141 Days; and a short novella, Only Two Came Back – among many other writings.

Matthew was born and raised in central Ohio. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries with a minor in Youth Ministry from Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota. He also earned a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He is currently working in the Mental Health field.

I believe in the freedom of expression and in taking responsibility for our own words. To that end, I try to make my writing exciting enough for teens and “clean” enough for parents. I don’t believe in using the traditional swear words – there are too many other creative phrases to invent. Sex is an amazing act – but will not be found in my writings. And violence in inherent in many plots – but I try to temper that with an ideal that life is sacred.

Matthew E. Morgan

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[ShadowLight is] a crew of high powered individuals with distinct personalities, and multifaceted/layered characters… The characters have chemistry with each other and most of each have their own brand of damage from their back story Chris S.

Matthew’s writing touches the heart while appealing to your sense of adventure. This moving story is a pleasure to read.

Denise W.

God is the real hero of the story. He came through at exactly the right time over and over and over again. Read this book and let it inspire you to head out on an adventure of your own.

Amazon Reader

I was in a really intense part and had to put it down. I stayed up that night until about 2 in the morning just so I could figure out what happened.

Amazon Reader Harpmama

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